Some of the campaign’s most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to say “thank you”. Recognition and appreciation build morale and a strong foundation for next year’s campaign. The CFC offers a variety of ways to recognize agencies and offices, campaign workers, and donors.

Picture of eagle and double eagle badgesDonor Recognition

Donors are invited to download virtual badges to use digitally in their email signatures and as profile pictures. Alternatively, they can be printed and posted in workspaces. Click on the name of the award below to download the badge.


Agency Awards

Samples of Elevation, Summit, Pinnacle and Everest Award CertificatesAt the end of the campaign, agencies will be presented with signed, digital certificates (suitable for printing) recognizing their achievements.

Revenue Awards

  • Everest Award: increase total dollars raised by 2% or greater over the previous campaign year
  • Summit Award: increase total dollars raised by 1% or greater over the previous campaign year

Participation Awards

  • Pinnacle Award: 40% employee participation or $125 per capita gift 
  • Elevation Award: 30% employee participation or $100 per capita gift


Campaign Worker Recognition

The dedication and commitment of the cadre of campaign workers makes the CFC a success. Thank you for all you do! 

  • Certificate of Appreciation: Available for download to all campaign workers (Campaign Managers, Keyworkers, Other Team Members).
  • 100% Contact Certificate: Campaign workers who achieve the 100% contact goal are invited to download this special certificate.
  • Memo of Recognition: Presented to all campaign workers who submit the total number of hours they dedicated to CFC-related tasks. Suitable to be added to the employee's personnel record. Complete the submission form to request your customized memo of recognition, which will be emailed to you at the end of the campaign.

Submit CFC Hours Button

  • CFC Heroes: Additionally, campaign workers who go above and beyond the call of duty in service to the CFC can be nominated for a CFC Hero Award. The top submissions (up to three) will be submitted for the OPM National Hero Award.

Nominate a CFC Hero button