Changing Lives, One Man at a Time

Theodore Jr.  - Earl's Place Resident

“When I was 10, I visited my father here at Earl’s Place. He did well, so I thought you could help me, too.”

Twenty-two years ago, Theodore’s father, Theodore, Sr. was one of the first residents of Earl’s Place. He moved to his own apartment and kept in touch. Unfortunately, in 2007 he passed away. Four years later Theodore’s mother also died.

Theodore, Jr. began using drugs at 16 and attempted treatment several times. At thirty-one years old, he has been homeless off and on since he was 21. He has lived at Earl’s Place since January 2019 and has two years of sobriety.

Theodore shared some memories of his father. “He was a good person who loved his family. Although he was an addict and homeless for a time, he rebuilt his life and his relationships with me and my five sisters. I remember him reading to me from the Bible and listening to Gospel music. One of my best times was when we went to my favorite gospel singer’s concert together.

Another special memory is when I was 10 or 11 years old. I played on a football team in Patterson Park, both defense and offense. One day, another player punted the ball and I caught it and made a touchdown. I was so excited. I looked up and saw my father there watching. I never thought he would come to my games. That is my best memory ever.”

Theodore has many years and opportunities ahead of him. Thanks to you, he is learning to be self-supporting and positive. He has his learner’s permit, has completed driver’s education classes, and is working on completing the required driving instruction. He is employed at BWI Airport and hopes to get a driving job once he obtains his driver’s license. In addition, he is working on locating permanent housing and his move to independence.

Theodore would like you to know that at Earl’s Place “You can get your life together.”

Charity Name
Cornerstone Community Housing, Inc.
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Theodore, resident of Earl's Place
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Sheila Helgerson