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Constituting America CFC #37961
CFC Video Transcript and Description
[moving bar graph] (background music plays throughout)
> Poll after poll shows that Americans know less and less about the U.S. Constitution.
[phone screen with dancing George Washington animation]
> Constituting America is the only organization that utilizes pop culture and media made by America’s youth to inspire Americans of all ages to learn about the U.S. Constitution.
> How do we do this? With the We The Future Scholarship Contest.
[scholarship winner’s pictures slide by]
> We promote our winning students’ works through the national media.
[young man with a flag walks through a field]
> Our winners’ works have been in 52 film festivals, and been viewed 12.2 million times on social media, with 15.6 million views on over 200 TV stations.
> We also offer 90-day online studies of founding documents,
[woman presenting in a classroom, child raises hand]
> and have given over 600 school and civic organization presentations,
[woman speaking on a Zoom video call]
> including virtual classes during the pandemic.
> “When covid-19 moved my classes online, Constituting America didn’t miss a beat.”
[quote from Angelina Martin, High School Social Studies Teacher]
[picture of a smiling woman standing behind a room full of school children]
> Thank you!
[Constituting America, CFC #37961]
> We couldn’t do it without you.