DRTC - I want a service, I want a life

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Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC)

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(Derek) A lot of people don’t give people with disabilities a big chance
so it’s kinda… it starts out kinda hard but a Dale Rogers has made a big change
to where we a can do anything and really go far and just shoot for the stars.

Derek Burton
Tinker Air Force Base
Cashier, 26 Years
Being at Tinker you meet a lot of people from just all around the world.
I love being around the people and getting to know ‘em
and just all in just a people person in general.
> (DBC) Why this is so important is, I think we see a lot of social change around
now people with disabilities saying I don’t want a service.
I simply want a life, I want to live my life (1:00)
CFC 36082