HappyBottoms: Diapers for Families in Need

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Speaker 1: A lot of times there was struggles where I didn't know where that money was going to come from, or my husband didn't know where that money was going to come from. And just the thought of not being able to take care of people that you created, that didn't ask to be on the earth. You know it's very stressful. It's very disheartening.
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For our moms it's having to decide I have to pay for food, I have to pay for rent, I have to pay for diapers.
TEXT ON THE SCREEN: Monthly diaper expense can approach $125 per child per month.
TEXT ON THE SCREEN: 57% of families in diaper need miss work or school because they don't have diapers for daycare
TEXT ON THE SCREEN: Please help us change the Kansas City Community
TEXT ON THE SCREEN: *below the text above* for the most vulnerable children.
*HappyBottoms Logo on Screen* with TEXT: To donate visit us at: https://happybottoms.org