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The JBRF supports children and families suffering from bipolar disorder through research, education and direct outreach. 250,000 children, across America have been suffering from a new form of bipolar disorder.
But they haven’t been getting the help they need because no one knew what it was. Families have spent years getting the wrong diagnoses and the wrong treatment.
But now, thanks to our researchers here at the JBRF, there’s hope.
Our researchers have identified this new disorder. It’s called “Fear of Harm”*. We’ve studied it, and have found a treatment that works. Graph showing symptoms of disorder
But our work is just beginning.
Families all over the country still need our help to find out about this disorder, and to find mental health professionals who can help.
With family support groups, Education programs and continued research into new treatment.
Everyday we’re serving children and families who, until now, have had nowhere else to turn. With your help, we bring children and families effective treatment, a path to recovery, and hope. If you’ve donated to us in the past…Thank you! If not, please begin your support with a donation today. JBRF’s CFC # 12148 or at www.jbrf.org.