Nourishing Neighbors

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Jeffco Action Center Inc

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The video opens with Action Center title: The Action Center Nourishing Neighbors.

The scene then opens to view Action Center volunteer, Rick, in a safety yellow vest talking about the need in our community as vehicles pass behind him. He speaks:
“Well again going back to that don’t know how many people are in need.
There’s a lot of people, especially during this COVID-19 thing, are not working.
Not having any income coming in, having trouble paying bills – so obviously food and shelter are one of those things that you always have to have.
So anytime that we can provide assistance for people who need those things, it’s very comforting for those people to know that they’ve got a place to go where they can get a helping hand.”

The scene cuts to a time-lapse with a large box truck and multiple volunteers loading many vehicles with grocery boxes. There is a statement on the bottom that reads:
“The Action Center serves 100+ households per day.”

Transition to a panel on the bottom that reads:
“A word from our participants.”

Scene quickly cuts to a middle aged man in a ball cap with bandaged fingers standing next to a maroon pick-up. He states:
“This helps a ton. I can’t work right now with my hand and I’ve got disability – so every little bit that they’ve done has been greatly appreciated.”

Scene shifts back to Action Center volunteer, Rick as he presents his closing statement:
“We appreciate anything you can do, anytime you can do it. So that we can pass it on to those who really need it. So thank you for helping community…”

As Action Center volunteer, Rick, is finishing his thoughts, a panel appears in the lower right-hand corner reading:

Scene then transitions to final video panel which reads:
“The Action Center
Community. Compassion. Connection.
8755 W 14th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80215”