We Believe

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[upbeat music and ambient sounds play]
We (footage of students learning to sew)
Believe (footage of a woman welding)
Everyone (footage of a student learning to read braille)
Has the right (footage of a family looking at a house, a child learning to wrestle)
To learn (footage of a teacher standing at a chalkboard, holding a baby trying to help point at the chalkboard)
To get health care (footage of a mother and child at a health care office, receiving care)
To work (footage of a man working at a computer)
To be heard. (footage of a woman speaking at a conference)
Do you? (footage of a group of children holding hands standing in a circle)
Green screen with text reading: In developing countries 800 million people with disabilities are denied basic human rights. You can change this. Take action now – contact your MP www.putusinthepicture.org