Animal Related

Controlling Animal Population

The single most important thing that we can do to save cats and dogs from all the suffering and death that their overpopulation causes is to spay and neuter them. Spay and neuter surgeries are routine, affordable surgeries that can prevent thousands of animals from being born, only to suffer and struggle to survive on the streets, be abused by cruel or neglectful people, or be euthanized in animal shelters for lack of a loving home. Spaying and neutering makes a big difference: Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years.

Susan's Story

Susan suffered from a spinal cord injury and a serious head injury that left her unable to communicate. Through speech and physical therapy, Susan regained her ability to speak, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to return to her physically demanding job as a nurse. Susan learned about PAWS through a PAWS Demonstration at her local libary. She wasn’t sure how much a dog would help her, but she decided to apply. Soon after, Susan got her Assistance Dog, SABLE, a golden retriever.

Billie's Story

Billie was born wild in India in 1962. Shortly thereafter, in 1966, she was captured, separated from her family, and exported to Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA. Like most Asian elephants arriving in America during this era, Billie was expected to spend the majority of her life performing and on exhibit. In 1972, Billie was sold to the Hawthorn Corporation, a company that trained and leased elephants to circuses.

Rescued at Ten Years Old

We rescued Bigby from the county shelter on March 18th. At ten years of age, we knew the odds were against him, so we immediately jumped in to help. This senior boy did not belong in an overcrowded open admission shelter. After multiple vet visits, we discovered Bigby had a huge mass on his liver and we had to operate to make sure it was not a malignant mass that could affect his quality of life.

Providing Independence

The clients we serve are capable individuals who desire more mobility and independence. Many of them work, attend universities, or both. As an example, our clients work in diverse fields such as teaching, counseling, fine arts, scientific research, translation services or own their own businesses. The following are experiences of Gail, one of our clients who is a medical researcher and a PhD candidate: "I have found my times with GDTX as a client to be rewarding and enlightening.

Stop the Dog Meat Trade

Each year, a million dogs are brutally slaughtered in S. Korea for meat. Nari is a beautiful hound mix that once endured a life filled with pain and terror on a dog meat farm.Nari is one of the lucky ones. She is now safe and enjoying the comfort of a loving family, but millions of dogs just like her remain confined in cages on S. Korean dog meat farms awaiting their barbaric slaughter.Terrified and distressed, dogs like Nari struggle desperately to get away as they are beaten, hanged, electrocuted, burned, or boiled alive.

Orbit and Lorilei

I am a combat veteran with chronic PTSD, and I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. My brain and spinal cord have dozens of areas of damage that affect all aspects of my daily life. TLCAD matched Orbit and me about one year ago, and my life is forever changed for the better. Orbit was custom trained for me as both a PTSD and mobility service dog. Orbit goes above and beyond- performing cues for me in specific situations.Orbit helps me stay focused and calm in a myriad of ways.