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Dawn's Story

Dawn’s enthusiasm for life and her love of family and community is evident in all she does. But her journey to happiness hasn’t always been easy.

Dawn and her family depended on the Greater Dover Area New Philadelphia Food Pantry, a network partner of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, during difficult times. Little by little, they realized the pantry offered more than just food; it provided access to numerous local resources, and, most importantly, compassionate friendship.

Empower More People Like Renana

A couple of hours south of Bhubaneswar in India is the village that Rehana and her family call home. While her husband worked and her younger children went to school, Rehana walked up to six hours a day with her daughter, Sumalila, to get water for cooking, laundry, and baths. She retrieved the water from a water pump managed by the government. As with many municipally managed water sources, the water was available infrequently. Running some days, shut off others. So, on the days it was unavailable, Rehana purchased water from a vendor.

Providing lean, healthy protein to food banks

Parker City Food Pantry - Once again we have been the recipient of venison through your program. We at the pantry and in the community we serve thank you very much.Wooster Hope Center - A very special thank you to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) for donating another 200 lbs. of venison to the Wooster Hope Center.Hebron Country Pantry - Thank you so much for your assistance paying for the processing of the steer we purchased at the fair.

Feeding the Hungry With Dignity

- Carol* who due to some circumstances could not share the same living quarters with her family. So she meets her husband and children at Martha's Kitchen so that they can have a meal together as a family. Here they enjoy a clean, warm and welcoming place to enjoy each other's company while having a nice nutritious dinner. - Joe and Betty* had dined at our soup kitchen for years.. One day they came in their jalopy and handed us $300 cash to give back for all the years we helped them when they were down and out.

Furlough Brings a First-Time Visit to a Food Pantry

Good, steady work for nearly a decade. Then, suddenly, nothing.

That’s how it was for Albany Park resident Andrew. He worked at Navy Pier—until he was furloughed in March as a result of the pandemic.

Restaurants gradually reopened . . . so did the restaurant where Andrew and his girlfriend worked—but only at 20% capacity. They weren’t brought back.

The couple tried to get by on unemployment benefits, but to make ends meet, they sought additional help. For the first time in his life, Andrew turned to a local food pantry.

Meet the Research Team Harnessing the Sun to Reduce Global Hunger

Scientists from Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency (RIPE) are improving photosynthesis to increase food production for farmers worldwide. RIPE is an international research partnership led by the University of Illinois that aims to equip farmers with higher-yielding crops to support farmer livelihoods, strengthen global food security, and ensure populations thrive. The research team has already achieved ground-breaking scientific breakthroughs by increasing crop growth by almost 40% and improving water efficiency by 25% in a model crop.

Responding to 2020

Although our centers had to cancel congregate meals due to the pandemic, it didn’t diminish the need for this service. We partnered with a couple of restaurants to provide hot meals and/or reheat meals to pick up curbside and take home. By working out a method of getting orders and delivery times from each participating center, staff coordinated with the restaurants to confirm dates, times, and quantities. To transport the food efficiently, the pickup and deliveries were included in our Food Rescue app and volunteers completed the deliveries to the sites.