Who we are!

United Way of Puerto Rico fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in the community. UWPR is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthen health services and social welfare on the Island. We promote teamwork and dynamic collaborations among a diverse group of stakeholders ranging from volunteers, social investors, charities, the private sector, government, other non-profit partner organizations and professionals from a wide range of industries.

Sharing U.S. Veterans' Stories: Honoring, Inspiring, Connecting and Educating

The only museum in America to honor ALL our Veterans, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum gives a voice to every man and woman who answered the call of service for our country – all military branches, during war and in peace. The Museum tells the individual stories and shared experiences of Veterans throughout history in their own voices and pays tribute to servicemen and women and their families' sacrifices. Their legacies come to life in a dynamic experience with photos, letters and personal effects, multi-media presentations, and interactive exhibits.

He Thought Primary School Would Be the End of His Education - it Wasn't

"The finger of the Lord pointed at me to be the first graduate in our family and no one bent it."

Lefani Brino was the first person in his family to attend secondary school, let alone university. As he walked across the stage to receive his diploma at his university graduation, his heart swelled with pride.

Like many children in the impoverish country of Malawi, he once had no hope that his education would go beyond primary school. Now here he was, graduating with a degree in Business Management with distinction.